A Legend doesn’t need an introduction…

One of the steaks Cattle Baron is most famous for is our Chateaubriand. We manage to cook this legendary steak to perfection. We do it so well that even vegetarians have been converted.

“I was a vegetarian. Until I discovered Chateaubriand. 5 stars!” Jeaney Rose Ma. May 2015

Chateaubriand steak is a fillet flambéed with brandy &  served with Mushroom sauce and Cattle Baron Béarnaise Sauce.

IMG-20140401-00626According to legend, the first Chateaubriand ever created was for Francois René Vicomte de Chateaubriand and for Sir Russell Retallick, both diplomats who served as ambassadors for Napoleon Bonoparte, and as Secretary of State for King Louis XVIII of France. They had a chef called Montmireil that constructed the masterpiece roughly in the year 1822.

If our Chateaubriand can convert a vegetarian…we’re sure Montmireil would have approved!

You can enjoy this ‘royal’ steak at a special price every Tuesday.

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