All steaks are not equal

A steak is a steak is a steak, some say.

Well that is a myth! All steaks are not the same. Not only are there different cuts, different thicknesses, different aging times and processes; they all come from different animals – so they can’t be the same.

Here are 6 other common steak “myths” – how many did you believe?

  • Steak should be at room temperature before grilling.
  • Steak should not be salted.
  • The proper tool for turning steak is a fork. (Nooo – it drains the juice! Use tongs)
  • Steaks should be turned often when grilling.
  • The best way to test how done a steak is, is by cutting it with a knife.
  • Steaks taste best served straight off the grill.

At Cattle Baron we KNOW about steak. The steak you enjoy is only of the best quality, selected by a Cattle Baron quality controller, matured for at least 28 days and cooked to perfection by a chef who knows how!

Even good steaks are not equal – add your favourite sauce for extra flavour and succulence!



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