Bacon IS good for you!

Contrary to popular belief bacon is actually good for you! Ask the Banters!!

Bacon is filled with healthy nutrients that improve your mood, protect your heart and boosts your brain.

It contains thiamin, vitamin B12, zinc and selenium, which are all vital nutrients the body does not naturally produce. It does contain fat but no the harmful trans fats. In fact bacon has less fat and cholesterol than many cuts of beef or chicken according to

The low fat content when compared to the amount of nutritional value is surprising. Bacon has the highest protein to fat content of any meat, which makes it a great option when following a high protein diet or after exercise.


Bacon makes you happy

Umami, a word used to describe the taste of Protein, has a neurological impact on the brain which causes a feeling of happiness or bliss after eating it. So eating bacon will improve your mood, make you feel satisfied and lower your stress levels!

Bacon protects your heart

Bacon is good for your heart because it contains the same omega-3 fatty acids found in fish which reduce cholesterol and improve the overall health of your heart. It’s a myth that bacon causes heart disease. It also contains Choline which is a nutrient that protects the heart from damage and disease.

Bacon boosts your brain

Choline also contributes to the healthy functioning of the brain and even for the growth of the brain in the womb. A diet containing Choline will reduce memory loss over time and has been used in treatment of people with mental impairments like dementia diseases.

It also improves memory so is excellent to give to school going children for breakfast.

Bacon is not bad for you! It’s high level of nutrients make it beneficial to your diet. When eaten in proper portion sizes the health benefits of the nutrients will outweigh the possible downsides usually associated with it.

Cattle Baron has 7 dishes on the menu where bacon is one of the ingredients that gives that extra special twist to the overall taste. Have you tried them?

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