Chicken that’s delish!

As you have discovered Cattlebaron isn’t just about steak. We have one of the best veg platters around and a range of chicken dishes that are absolutely delish.

Have you tried any of them? Which of these grabs your fancy?

CRUMBED CHICKEN SCHNITZEL, Succulent Chicken Breasts, Crumbed & Deep-Fried. Served with a Choice of Sauce.

CHICKEN BACAMBERRY, Grilled Chicken Breasts topped with Bacon, Camembert, Toasted Onions & Served on a Cranberry Coulis.

CHICKEN PARMESAN, Deep-Fried Chicken Breasts layered with Bacon, smothered in cheese sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan shavings and topped with Toasted Onions.

BLACKENED GRILLED CAJUN CHICKEN FILLETS, Tender grilled Chicken Breasts dusted with Cajun Spice & served with Mint Crème Fraîche.

OVEN-ROASTED CHICKEN CORDON BLEU, Bacon and cheese encased in an envelope of lightly crumbed chicken breast.

There are of course some yummy chicken starters and a truly tasty chicken burger on the menu too.

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