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Often at the beginning of a relationship we’re on our best behaviour when it comes to food but as we become more comfortable, and our preferences and habits relating to food become more apparent, things can turn ugly.

Some of the weirdest fights couples have are around food. Here is a list of the top 4 food fights we have in relationships and what you can do about them.

Luckily, other than some of the solutions we’ve suggested, there is one common solution to them all – eat at the Cattle Baron!

We’re open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner so there is no need for your relationship to get messy over mealtimes – you can both have it your way.

How familiar do these 4 food fights sound?

1. You’re not hungry at the same time

Sam works late most days and usually gets home just before “dinnertime”. By this time his wife Mary is ravenous and ready to eat. He isn’t. All he wants is a scotch on the rocks and to put his feet up for a bit before eating his evening meal.

Solution: Mary can make herself an entrée of sorts while Sam enjoys his scotch. A cup of soup or some cheese and crackers will keep the wolves (and mood swings) at bay and they can enjoy their main meal a bit later.

CB Solution: At Cattle Baron you can each order as you’re ready. Mary can have some Calamari and a cocktail while Sam enjoys a Johnny Walker Blue. They can then eat their main meal together or, if Mary is a bit full after her starter, she can chat to Sam while he tucks into his ribs and take hers home to enjoy later.

2. One of you is on diet and the other is trying to fatten them up

Sonja is struggling to fit into her clothes and is worrying she’s going to end up a flabby old lady like her mother. Andre thinks she’s bored with him and trying to slim down to catch someone more adventurous.

Solution: This couple should tell one another how they feel so they don’t take your change in eating habits personally. Find ways of spending time together that don’t involve food.

CB Solution: At Cattle Baron we have such a range of food that there will be something for both of you. Sonja can stick to her diet and Andre can tuck into some ribs and chips…and still spend time together over food.

3. One of you eats anything and the other is incredibly picky

Mike can count the food he actually likes on one hand. Fish, green vegetables, salad (no tomatoes, olives or dressing) and slap chips. No flavouring on anything! Suzy loves trying new things and is dying to try the new Thai restaurant up the road.

Solution: Prepare the same meal in two different ways. Cook the fish and vegetables in a lemon butter sauce and the then spice things up with some saucer for Suzy. Each of you should try the others – even if it’s just a mouthful.

CB Solution: You can each have exactly what you want. Line fish and veggies for Mike and our house speciality Chicken Bacamberry for Suzy. (Grilled Chicken Breasts topped with Bacon, Camembert, Toasted Onions & Served on a Cranberry Coulis).


Order 6 different starters – 3 safe and 3 adventurous. A taste of each is essential for both of you and, share…or not, you’re certainly not going to go home hungry or feel under too much pressure to like it because your loved one didn’t cook it!

4. You can never settle on which restaurant to eat out at

Peter and Ilana take forever to decide on which restaurant to go to when they eat out. After a round of “Where should we go?”, “I don’t know – you decide”, “No you choose – I really don’t mind” Ilana finally names a restaurant. “Hmmm I don’t really feel like that”, says Peter. “Well what do you feel like?” asks Ilana. This develops into “Why can’t you ever make up your mind?!!!”, “Do I always have to make every decision in this household?!!” and the damage is done – everyone loses their appetite.

Solution: You should each make a list of restaurants that serve food you really like. Get two jars. Put the names of the restaurants on small pieces of paper into one of the jars and then when you need to decide where to eat, take one of the names out and go to that restaurant. Put the name into the second jar which will be used to draw from once all names have been moved across. i.e. once you’ve been to each of the restaurants once.

CB Solution:  Forget the jar and agree to always come to Cattle Baron when you can’t make a decision. You will both find something you like because we have such a range. Chicken, steak, fish, vegetables, salad…complete with accoutrements or simply prepared – as you choose. Spices, flames and sauces…or not. Juicy steaks or a platter vegetarians platz over? Something sweet? Don’t fight over not being able to decide – just head to the Cattle Baron.

What is the food fight you have most often? let us know in the comments below.

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