How do you like your steak?

Most of us have a standard answer when we’re asked how we’d like our steak done. It’s one of those questions, like “what’s your middle name?”, that we’ve been giving the same answer to for years. 

Are you asking for your steak as you really enjoy it? Take a look at our guide below to check before you come and enjoy your next Cattle Baron steak.

  • Blue rare: Seared on the outside and completely red throughout.
  • Rare: Seared Outside and 75% red in the centre
  • Medium Rare: Seared outside with 50% red in the centre
  • Medium: Seared outside with inside 25% pink inside
  • Medium Well: A slight tinge of pink
  • Well done: 100% Brown inside

And…as a matter of interest…let us know if you have been ordering your steak the way you like it or not using the comments box below.

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