It takes Two to Tango

It is very difficult for a vegetarian to find a good veggie meal in a restaurant that isn’t specifically geared to vegetarians and, the last place you’d expect to find a good veggie meal is probably in a steakhouse.
However, at Cattle Baron, we know it takes two to tango and have a vegetarian platter that vegetarians will most certainly write home about!

The platter brims with the tastiest selection of foods vegetarians will love. Deep fried Camembert, grilled mushrooms, golden brown Rostis topped with Crème Fraiche and much, much more!

There’s no need for the vegetarian in your life to dread accompanying you to a steak house for fear of having to choose a salad or pick at a couple of side dishes. So bring your favourite vegetarian to Cattle Baron for a hearty meal that’ll ensure you both keep on dancing!

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