Steaks aren’t just for Dads

Have you ever wondered why we perceive men to be meat eaters and women to prefer salads and sweet things?

Do our bodies crave or need different types of food? Is it genetic?

Well it turns out it isn’t. It’s learned behaviour that started from when we were hunter gatherers and has been perpetuated by society.

Man is the hunter, the breadwinner, the fire maker and the braai master; woman is the gatherer, the salad eater, the nurturer and the baker. This has been ingrained in us for generations but it is not true.


Ladies love a good steak as much as gents do. Now that’s a fact. And, thanks to the popular Banting diet, it has become socially acceptable for ladies to order a large steak instead of a dainty Ladies Steak.

So leave those age old preconceptions behind you and bring your Mum to Cattle Baron on Mother’s Day and treat her to her favourite steak!

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