Sunday Lunch without the Schlep!

Gathering with friends and family for Sunday lunch is an age-old tradition in a multitude of cultures. It’s all about sitting down to a large meal, reconnecting after a long week and before the start of the next one.

How often do you do this?

Throughout the Industrial Age, almost every household in the Western world would pop a roast on before heading to church. Sunday lunch became an act of religious and social importance.

Dorothy Day, 1931

Dorothy Day, 1931

Playwright Henry Fielding claimed, “it ennobled our brains and enriched our blood”.

The thing is…in the fast-paced modern world preparing, and enjoying, Sunday lunch is no longer commonplace. We need to rest on a Sunday more than ever before. Preparing a large meal and cleaning up afterwards is the last thing we want to spend our Sunday doing.

It’s bad enough trying to figure out what to cook during the week.

But it is SO important. It’s good for the family to gather on a Sunday and share a meal. It’s even better when nobody has to cook, lay the table or clean up afterwards!

Our Sunday buffets are the perfect way to do Sunday lunch without the schlep. They’re reasonable, include dessert or coffee, AND seconds. Best of all, the wide range of dishes ensures there is something for everyone. (Roast, fish, chicken, veggies (as only we can do them), salads, seafood, beef, lamb…).

Let us do the work while you enjoy some time with your family over lunch.

  • R119 – Buffet with Coffee or Dessert
  • 12h00-15h00

Also available Wed, Thurs, Fri for R75 (R54 for pensioners) 12h00-15h00 (Buffet only…but there is often a special on desserts)



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