Them Bones are BEST!

Have you ever tried your steak on the bone? If you haven’t…you should!

At Cattle Baron we serve a classic T-Bone as well as fillet and sirloin on the bone. You’ll find these steaks particularly juicy and flavoursome thanks to them being on the bone.

Why are they tastier?

  • The meat along the bone is loaded with connective tissue that makes the meat sweet and succulent.
  • The fat marbling near the bone adds fabulous flavour.
  • Bones seal the muscle which ensures that the juices of the meat are retained whilst cooking.
  • They also help maintain the “shape” of the meat which allows for more even cooking.
Best of all, there is nothing quite like chewing on the bone from a quality piece of meat…or taking it home for your favourite canine friend!
Remember that Tuesday nights are Steak Nights at Cattle Baron!!
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